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Chaos, not Jared Kushner, Units Arabs and Israelis

Fauda, an Israeli political thriller television series watched widely in Middle East


I am behind in catching up with Chaos (Fouda in Arabic) series’ last year episodes. It is expected to be number one series to be watched during the month of Ramadan this years by both Arabic and Israeli audience. The series has become such a phenomenon, it’s beloved by both Israelis and Arabs, especially Palestinians. Its high assessment in the world enjoys up to 8.4 of 10.

the show centers around a team of “mistaravim,” Israeli commando soldiers who speak Arabic and operate undercover inside Palestinian territory. The high-octane drama — with both Arabic and Hebrew dialogue — tells opposite sides of the same story.

The show has been credited with blurring the Israeli-Palestinian divide and bringing some clarity to the disorder and confusion that has long enveloped the Middle East.

Reviews have been overwhelmingly positive, and not just from within Israel. The reaction from the Arab world caught everyone on the show by surprise. From the beginning, “Fauda” producers signaled an attention to detail that suggested they might be taking a more nuanced approach. They insisted, for example, on hiring only Arab actors for Arab-speaking roles. They also kept true to the different Arabic dialects. According to show producers, about 55 percent of the show’s first season is in Arabic. The second season is closer to 65 percent.

the Israeli military is now using the show to teach its soldiers how to speak better Arabic. 

There has been a spike in demand for Arabic courses in Israel because of the show,” Raz said. “And that could be a start of a new dialogue.”

“Fauda” is being hailed as a groundbreaking series for showing Palestinians in a more even-handed light.

While few expect a TV show to erase years of animosity between Israelis and Palestinians, “Fauda” has given both sides a little bit of hope — a rare commodity in this neck of the woods.

Some campaigners in Israel urge Netflix to drop ‘racist’ hit series ‘Fauda’, claiming it 'gives legitimization to war criminals'

Some Arab activists also see that «chaos» enforces Israeli myth of the Zionist, and absurdity of the Palestinians.

“Fouda” is the code the Israeli elite force in Arabic sectors, including Gaza use when of them is uncovered

Internet Pornography in Public Libraries

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 Louisiana, Arkansas, and Tennessee all declared pornography a public health crisis, following on the heels of South Dakota and Utah. The state of Virginia declared that pornography was “harmful.” Georgia is examining the issue in committee, and will hopefully follow suit. Florida is also considering a resolution to declare porn a public health crisis.  As public awareness regarding the harms of pornography grows, organizations like the National Center on Sexual Exploitation (NCOSE).  After months of discussion with NCOSE, EBSCO is taking steps to remove access to porn. American Library Association stance on the issue is laughable, to say the least. Some states, like New York, wanted to keep the federal money, on the expense of public safety.

Women's Voices Theater Festival Starts

Washington, D.C. theaters are joining together to produce the Women’s Voices Theater Festival.

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New plays being written by women, and the range of professional theater being produced in the nation’s capital, many of the Washington, D.C. region’s professional theaters will join together to present the Women’s Voices Theater Festival.  Led by the area's premier theaters, including Arena Stage, Ford's Theatre, Shakespeare Theatre Company, Studio Theatre, Signature Theatre, Round House Theatre and Woolly Mammoth Theatre Company. These organizations will each present at least one new play by a female playwright between January 15 and February 15, 2018, along with special events, panels, and workshops to celebrate and support the work of women theater-makers.

YouTube fails in child protection

Trusted Flaggers raise flag against own YouTube

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As a mother, I worried a lot when my boys spend time on YouTube, watching or posting videos. After hearing and reading about the latest fiasco about how YouTube protection program, called Trusted Flaggers, implantation has many holes that making not only the program not working, but dangerously " Letting Pedophiles Have Free Rein", as one of the current trusted flagger told New York Post 

BBC Trending investigation published a report included interviews with YouTube Flaggers saying that the company has a huge backlog of reports, some months old, and that the company responds to only a small fraction of complaints from the public about child endangerment and suspected child grooming. On Rddit.com, there is a special YouTube discussion about how it fails in protecting child, it is called; rYouTube reading through the posts make you more worried about your kids. 

Publish Your Art Works on Artavita

I Signed for Artavia

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Displaying your work on Artavita is completely free. Artists and gallery owners alike are invited to sign up to become a part of this growing community of those of us who have chosen a life in art. I signed up, will post my arts soon

Karen Stubert-barnard

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 Like many artists, I get lost in my work. I become completely absorbed in how all of the lines of ink and paint flow together. I love how the elements within each piece intertwine with each other, just as human lives often do. Review my arts Here.

Anna Maria Giordano

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Anna, an eclectic painter, painted professionally from 2005 to 2016.
She normally used acrylic colors, on canvas, wood or mason wood, but sometimes also mixed media (inclusion of paper, pumice or gauze integrated with the acrylic paint). 

BBC International Playwright Competition 2018

$3000 First Prize with a free trip to London

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I listen to BBC World News religiously, as it brings news, views, and stories from all over the planet. I heard an announcement says:  Would you like to win £2,200 sterling (about $3000), a trip to London and have your play broadcast across the world on BBC World Service?  

I told myself: Why not, I have a story to tell, and have an idea how to write it for radio. So, I applied on line, uploaded my story and synopsis along with my personal details. I hope I will be accepted. If you like to compete with me, click below:

Movies Lounge

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Hidden Figures

"Look beyond numbers, feel you are already on the moon" 

The NASA director told  Katherine Coleman Goble Johnson who was an  African-American mathematician made contributions to the United States' aeronautics and space programs with the early application of digital electronic computers at NASA. I gathered my little family, and the few friends came over during the Holidays to watch that inspiring movie. While all watched in silence, I looked around and found out that I was not the only one who was crying during the movie. You will cry too when you watch it. It blends many of America individuals and their personal story into  one big story about a country-USA tries to win the space race.

First man to land on the moon, first black women to use white bathroom in NASA, first African American women engineer to join NASA take off and landing space ship program, First black women to run first IBM network in NASA, and first judge to allow black woman to attend all white school in the state of Virginia. What a movie.

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Books Review

A Prophetic Word About Radical Change in 2018 from a Christian Prospective


Jennifer LeClaire, the author of the book, says: "I have experienced  some major challenges in your life. Looking back, I am very thankful for the challenges I have overcome. I learned a great deal from them and they have ultimately made me a better person."

I had her statement in mind went I went through the pages of her book, but I struggled to separate what on the book papers from the author's background as a Christian Activist. I am sorry to say that what she said in the book is too general, and can be said in any book published by anyone, from any religious background. Here is an example: "I see widespread metamorphosis. I see metamorphosis in people, in companies, in churches and in societies. The metamorphosis is coming out of an intense struggle in the hearts and minds of people.

Metamorphosis is even coming out of church" a statement can be find in any book, apply to any year. 

What do you think? 

Email Shakedown

Electronics Review

smart phones sale


 The phablet is a class of mobile devices combining or straddling the size format of smartphones and tablets. Phablets feature large displays that complement screen-intensive activity such as mobile web browsing and multimedia viewing. They may also include software optimized for an integral self-storing stylus to facilitate sketching, note-taking and annotation.

I have a POSH tablet, but I like the one o. the picture form Aliexpress.

It is Aoson S7 PRO 7 inch 3G 4G LTE-FDD Phablet 1GB 8GB Android 6.0 HD IPS Phone Call Tablets PC Dual SIM (so you can have two different lines from two different phone companies) wifi Bluetooth 7