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What’s behind Library of Congress decision to stop archiving Twitter

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As an active Library of Congress citizen archivist, I was surprised when we got the LC Twitter about the elimination of the Twitter archive project in the Library of Congress. As a shaker, I researched and traced the path the project took since its starting until reading that twitter. It started with two-page agreement signed April 2010 between Twitter General Council, and Librarian of Congress. In December 2017, LC issued an update on the Twitter Project, stating “As the twelfth year of Twitter draws to a close, the Library has decided to change its collection strategy for receipt of tweets on December 31, 2017.” I encourage you to read this document from bottom up, until you arrive to the following statement: “manage taxpayer-provided resources wisely” because if shakedown these words, lots of money will show up:

First: In the initial Agreement, last close, it mentioned that Twitter has the right to terminate and deal and TAKE BACK all physical properties.

Second: After the Agreement, Gnip “partnered” with both Twitter and the Library of Congress to “manage” the transactions of twits from the first to the second. In return, Gnip had the right to “reserve” some of the twit into its database and “sell” it to customers. Gnip is first Twitter authorized data reseller to developers.

Third: Twitter then bought Gnip for unknown amount in 2014, then cut its relation with Datasift to establish its own big data business.

Library of Congress announcement of ending Twitter Archive Project was full of unsolved mysteries:

Never mentioned details of the agreements, parts involved, money transactions, and most important: Data detention. The Library of Congress did not explain how it will “select” and “keep” Twitter data in the coming days, did not also explain how it will handle its own 1.6 Million Twitter’s followers and their Twits. 


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National Ocean Service Library

Who has the right to cancel "know Your Rights"

Is Arlington Heights Memorial Library (ILL) Racist?

Lately, I went with my husband and teen boy to the library to renew his passport. Yes, you read it right "to renew his passport" as we do everything related to our "citizenship" in our library. My husband and I worked in Arlington Heights Memorial Library for years back in the 1990s. Library then used to be run by librarians, as I read and hear it is now run by some Board members and librarian have no say but to follow. I don't have a problem with that, but when it comes to cancelling a major learning program for a political or "business collusion" reason I do have an issue. Many libraries across USA lately cancelled "Know Your Right" programs aim to teach immigrants their rights. Why?

Scientists Spotted Seven Alien Planets

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I love science, especially anything related to space. My parents bought me a telescope from Bonanza. I always keep up with the latest news about space. I read that scientists discovered seven Earth-size alien planets orbiting one dim red star this year, and a lot of other strange exoplanets — ranging from an Earth-size ice ball to the hottest planet ever found and many more, plus a star that seems to have gobbled up something like 15 rocky worlds.

If you like space science like me, read the full article Here, and if you live near by Alexandria Virginia stop by and share with me exploring the space with my telescope.

< ------- I am at home preparing and testing my telescope before going at night and use it.

Help Library of Congress historical newspaper project

 My sons need YOU

Can you help identify illustrations and provide captions in WWI-era newspapers?
Try this pilot crowdsourcing application! 

Library 2018 Trends

Academics Quick Reference Guides

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I did not have reference guides or posters during my education years, but nowadays these tools are in almost every school and university. My teen says his high school has stacks of Permacharts products using them in all classrooms. He brought some of the charts one day to show us how advanced his school is.


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Biology Science Student Microscope with USB Digital Camera

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 Librarians respond to issues and identify trends that are of importance to the community. Books and digital resources support educational goals from early literacy through lifelong learning. Free library programs provide learning opportunities and entertainment for children as well as adults. Library collections include books and resources that represent the diversity of people, cultures, and the faraway places that make up the world we live in. 

Troubleshooting Database Connection Problems

 Georgetown Law Library put together online troubleshooting guide regarding Database Connection Problems. That guide provided resources to help troubleshoot problems with databases and any electronic resources available through steps and tips help identify potential problems and find possible solutions. 

The online guide provide also a basic information about what is a URL, Browsers, etc.

Librarian Problems

Librarian Problem is a unique Tumblr/Facebook site. Librarians and library users can upload their own videos telling the audience about an issue or problem using library or books, or any issues related to the library business.

"I'm a librarian...and I've got problems too." That what the owner of the site said in the "About" section.

The Facebook site attracted 28,219 followers since started almost a year ago. Each of its Tumblr posts got hundreds of notes through Facebook Comments Plugin. The site also has a Twitter account, but it attracts fewer followers.

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