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Teen 101

What Happens in School Bathrooms, Why Teens Watch Porn in Back of Bus, and How Teens Think of Trump

Watching porn is as bad as having drugs, parent should be aware of what their teens watch. The 15-year-old author of "Teen 101" explains, in his own teen jargon, his observations about how his teen friends, classmates, and family members behave, think, and dream for the future. This book is a must read, not only by teens, but most importantly by their parents.

How teens think

Trump Sex Scandals

By 15 Years Old Editor

Before we even get into the scandal, how has the news played this so called scandal.

First they made it seem bigger than it is, normal.

Second, they completely ignored the fact that she chose the time to say it when Trump is famous.

Also they tried pinning Trump to the wall and accused him of doing in some channels, normal.

Now lets do some quick math(also I forgot to say she is a pornstar), so if she is a pornstar doesn't all this get the attention on her which would really benefit her.

Also her entire living is made of getting touch, so why is now accusing Trump of accusing her.

Then all the women on the news keep saying we need women to stand up for them selves and that she is doing the right thing.

First of all shouldn't she stop being a pornstar first, to me she really brings down women.

I mean if I was a women and knew the food I put in me was from me getting paid to get pounded, then I would just turn a new leaf.

I'm just saying that the media got happy that they got something on Trump, but this is so insignificant.

If she actually wins the case I'm actually gonna get pissed because she gets hammered for a living and is pissed that some guy touched her.

To be honest, Trump is actually right this time.

Guys please respect women.

Dreamers: Let’s teach America a Lesson

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By Teens editor

I am a son of a former dreamer, I was born in America, meaning I am eligible to run for president of the United States. When I do, and win, my dad says, I will be the first Muslim President.

DACA dreamers out there, and all other dreamers who suffer the abuse of the politicians, let’s prepare ourselves for the day when the path to citizenship is cleared and you become Americans. If you were born on this land, prepare yourself to run for the higher office. If you were born somewhere else, prepare yourself to run for other offices. Dreamer, if you run for president choose all your staff from dreamers like you, or former dreamers. Dreamer, if you run for any office make sure you don’t depend on special interest groups of any type, as they are the reasons for our miseries. Dreamers: Let’s prove to those who denied us our American dreams that we deserve them as we worked hard, along with our parents, to be good American citizens. When you arrive to the offices you ran for, dreamers, stay clean, focused, and work for other dreamers. Don’t ever act like politicians, show America that you deserved that office, teach America a lesson. 

"Youthquake" is World of the Year

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The Oxford Dictionaries Word of the Year 2017 is… youthquake.

 The noun, youthquake, is defined as ‘a significant cultural, political, or social change arising from the actions or influence of young people’. 

Feel the youthquake, watch video below

What "Youthquake" means

Hearing Loss in Teens: What You Must Know

Headphone culture may not be making things worse, but parents still need to be concerned.

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 A much publicized 2010 study found that hearing loss in teenagers had increased alarmingly. But new research published recently in the journal Pediatrics suggests that those concerns may not be justified.  The researchers though warn that there's still some cause for worry.  “We need more data so we can know what’s actually happening in this population,” says the study's author. Consumerrports.org noted that same study suggested  When using headphones, follow the 80-90 rule, recommending that patients who listen to music or other audio at 80 percent of the maximum volume do so for no more than 90 minutes per day. This can be a challenging rule for parents to enforce.

Why Teenagers Think and Act Differently?

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In calm situations, teenagers can rationalize almost as well as adults. But stress can hijack what Ron Dahl, a pediatrician and child psychiatric researcher at the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center calls "hot cognition" and decision-making. The frontal lobes help put the brakes on a desire for thrills and taking risk -- a building block of adolescence; but, they're also one of the last areas of the brain to develop fully.

Above is what the researchers say in simple English, but if you can read the whole report without falling asleep, you would be able to know more lab technical jargon about how and why teenagers behave as they do. I have two of them, and I don't need a lab study to tell me how to deal with them. If you want read about the whole study, please click Here