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Which Airline has Healthy Food?

Delta and Virgin America are Best, Hawaiian is Bad

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According to diet detective annual report, it is better for you to avoid flying Hawaiian Airline because of its unhealthy flight meals. Here are the airlines healthy meal rating  (5 Stars is highest): Delta 4 stars, Virgin America 4 stars, Air Canada 3.75 stars, JetBlue 3.75 stars, Alaska Air 3.5 stars, United Airlines 2.75 stars, American 2.5 stars, Frontier Air 2.25 stars, Southwest Airlines 2 stars, Allegiant Air 1.75 stars, Spirit Airlines 1.75 stars, Hawaiian Airlines 1 star 

The report show how many Calories in each meal on each airline flights. 

Read the full report Here

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El Clasico without Phil Schoen and Ray Hudson

I watch El Clasico over the years on many different world TV channels: English, French, German, Spanish, Arabic, and even Russian TV. While watching soccer on those channel, my focus was always on the game and never paid attention to what commentators say, until Phil Schoen and Ray Hudson join Being Channel. Just listening to what those two men say during the match gives it a different test. I believe they are the Rolando and Messi of TV sport commentating.